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Hi, this is kind of lame but every month I pick an actor or director and watch all of their movies. I've been doing it for a few years so it's getting hard to keep track. Thus...

Johnny Depp
Kevin Spacey
Hugh Jackman

Anne Hathaway
Christopher Nolan
Woody Allen
Ewan McGregor
Charlie Kaufman
Pete Postlethwaite
Carrie-Anne Moss
Francis Ford Coppola 
Christian Bale
Scarlett Johansson
Gary Sinise
Sean Penn
Micahel Caine
Sofia Coppola
Bryan Singer
Natalie Portman
Hugh Laurie

Michel Gondry
Evangeline Lilly
Robert Sean Leonard

Ray Liotta
Lisa Edelstein
Benicio Del Toro
Frank Darabont
Charlie Chaplin
Robert De Niro
Emile Hirsch
Paul Rudd
Keanu Reeves
Matthew Fox
Jesse Spencer

Robin Wright Penn
Famke Janssen
Quentin Tarintino 

Thora Birch
Angelina Jolie
Kim Novak
Brad Pitt
John Malkovich
Edward Norton

Buster Keaton
J.K. Simmons
Alfred Molina
Robert Downey Jr.
Kal Penn
Heath Ledger
Jim Carrey
Helena Bonham Carter
Morgan Freeman
Michael Emerson

Tim Robbins
David Fincher
Bruce Willis
John Cusack
James Marsden

Patrick Wilson
Ian Mckellan
Jean Reno
Patrick Stewart
Alfred Hitchcock
Emma Thompson
Leonardo DiCaprio

Joley Richardson
Audrey Tautou
Daniel Day Lewis
Steven Speilberg 
Tom Hanks
Edward Furlong
Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Frances McDormand
Sam Mendes
Toni Collette
Guy Pearce
Ellen Page
Kristen Stewart

Tim Roth
Bryce Dallas Howard

Pete Sellers
Amber Tamblyn
Alfonso Cuaron

William Hurt
Jodie Foster
Wes Bentley 
Amanda Seyfried
Rob Reiner

Chris Cooper
Darron Aronofsky
Naomi Watts

Harold Ramis
Orson Wells
Luc Besson
Frank Whaley
Elijah Wood
John Hurt
Robert Zemeckis
Oliver Stone

Denzel Washington
Roman Polanski
Liam Neeson
Danny Boyle
Jack Nicholson
Ridley Scott
Marlon Brando
James Stewart
The Coen Brothers
Fritz Lang

Grace Kelly
Anthony Hopkins
David Lynch
Ian Holm
Marion Cotillard
M. Night Shyamalon
Stanley Kubrick

Annette Benning
Tony Kaye
Sigourney Weaver
Martin Scorsese 
David Thewlis
Gregory Peck

Hayao Miyazaki
Terry Gilliam
Marcia Gay Harden
Rob Minkoff
Guillermo Del Toro

I know there are tens of more people, but one brain in one night can only go so far. BTW, I would appreciate it like none other if you have any suggestions or know of actors or directors or screenwriters that I might not have heard of. Always looking to learn. :)

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