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Title: Famous Last Words
Characters: House
Rating: PG-13
Summary: The story behind the bar fight in "Baggage." Spoilers, obviously.
Words: 672

Nothing left for a dreamer now, only one final serenade )

Hey Hey

May. 1st, 2010 09:27 am
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 Haven't logged in in over a week, been very busy with stuff for the play. As a matter of fact, I'm off right now to go refocus some lights. Just wanted to say I love you guys. Feel free to comment with links to posts I've missed. :)
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Title: When We Get There
Rating: PG
Words: 100

Among the what-nows... )
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Regarding my last post: Quick facts are that 45 teachers at my school alone have been laid off because of budget cuts. Most of their contracts will be renewed if Prop 100 (a 1% sales tax increase) passes in May. Regardless, the state of education in Arizona is atrocious. We don't have paper. We have 40 kids to a class. If Prop 100 fails, special ed will be cut, class sizes will be between 60 and 100, electives like drama and art will be gone (but not sports. Hmm). I don't normally get so "in" to things, but this is unacceptable. A group of friends and I formed SAFE: Student Advocates For Education. We held a rally outside the school this morning with a great turnout, three newspapers, a news station, and 250ish supporters.

The class president asked me to speak at today's rally. Public speaking absolutely terrifies me, and my hands were shaking the whole time, but somehow I got through it. I'm really nervous posting this now actually, haha. But I'm proud of myself for getting through it, and I'm trying to spread the word, so here it is.

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 Haha, not really, but it made a few news stations. They riffed a bunch of teachers' jobs on Monday, meaning 45 of our teachers might be laid off. Regardless of politics, this is stupid. I'm supporting Prop 100 to raise Arizona's sale tax by 1%, the profits of which are going to education, thus saving those jobs.

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Title: Rest My Chemistry
Spoiler(s): Up to 6.01 "Broken"
Song: "Rest My Chemistry" by Interpol
Disclaimer: Here is a disclaimer. It's a witty way for me to tell you that I don't own anything. Depressing but necessary. 
Notes: Sorry for not contributing anything for a while.

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Title: Whipstitch
Characters: House, Wilson
Rating: PG-13
Summary: “Want to know what the Guinness World Record is for most funerals attended in a week?”
Disclaimer: As I did not receive the rights to House for Christmas, suffice it to say I still don't own it.
Words: 1,556
Thank You: First readers, namely [ profile] blackmare_9  and [ profile] perspi  for being in a constant state of awesome.

Come down off the cross; we can use the wood )
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AKA the Prom's ugly stepsister (with freshmen, ew). I really, really like my dress though, so I'm excited. :) Will post pictures tomorrow most likely.

I hope you all are having lovely Saturdays!
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Hiya Folks! How you all have had pleasant days. :)

I'd promised myself I stop posting this stupid high school theatre stuff, but now that Romeo & Juliet's all finshed up (major phew) and our next production is...well, in production, I'm posting a before and after thing. For my sake. This was my first time choreographing and it only took one trip to the hospital. Again, phew.

Here's Jordy and I, two days into choreographing the Romeo/Tybalt scene

Here's the actual fight scene. Obviously, Eric's much better at getting his ass kicked than I am. If I find any video of my last minute performance of The Nurse I'll post it, but otherwise I'm done bugging y'all. :)

BEFORE YOU GO, I too, am sending out Christmas cards. If you want one and trust me to not stalk you, could you please be sending me a PM with your info and any gift wishes? I like to send out mix CDs and slightly used DVDs because I be poor, but if you have any special Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa wishes I'll do my best. :)
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So. I was having an awesome musical convo with the lovely blackmare_9 a few minutes ago, whilst listening to some music, and I thought, "Hmm, why not have a MUSIC-REC-A-PALOOSA on my journal." Thus, I WILL.

I start with ten songs that I think you, yes you, reading this journal, should know about (or enjoy once more if you are familiar). Then you, yes you, reading this journal, may comment if you so wish with a song you think I should know about. I'm using Youtube vids because I'm too lazy to megaupload this shiz, but if you want MP3s of any of these songs just ask. :)

1. The Walkmen--Four Provinces

2. The Antlers-Two

3. The Upwelling-Wanderlust

4. Fanfarlo-Fire Escape

5. Ugly Casanove-Ice on the Streets

6. .38 Special-Caught up in You

7. Beirut-Postcards From Italy

8. Interpol-Evil

9. Cold War Kids-Golden Gate Jumpers

10. Broken Social Scene-Tbtf

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Brandon turned on my webcam while I was in the bathroom and then waited for like ten minutes before he told me to search "Maze Game." I have to admit, he's a patient evil genius.

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SO. Um. I'm going to a costume party in about a half hour, and I just got a call assigning me to bring scary movies. Welp, I can't really think of any scary movies right now (it's not like I'm majoring in film or anything), so it'd be hugely helpful if whoever's reading this could write down as many reply with as many scary movies as they can think of.

Well okay, to be honest, of course I can think of scary movies, but nothing legitimately scary. How many times can one watch Johnny Depp get eaten by a bed, ya know?
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This is how the movie ended in 2007 before Spielberg changed the ending. Personally, I'm glad he did. The movie's effectiveness relies heavily on the tension that's release in the last thirty seconds of the film, and this ending doesn't do it for me.

It you haven't seen the movie yet, go. First, lower your expectations a bit and then go late at night. Obviously, it's been over-hyped, and now the backlash for the hyping has already begun. No, it's not the scariest movie ever made, but it made me squirm more than any movie I've ever seen in theaters. And the best part? It does this with almost no jump scenes. There are no cheap scares here; this film takes its time and then it slaps you for not getting out while you still could. It truly is genius filmmaking in a way that Blair Witch never was.

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That I have bad taste. This is two memes I did at around 4 this morning because I was bored. Mucho sorry.

But hey, it's gotz moovies! )

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Title: Out of Jail Free
Rating: PG
Summary: They've lived with this absentee landlord long enough.
Word Count: 767
Pairing: House/Wilson FS, Wilson/Amber theme
Thank You: First Readers, namely [profile] blackmare_9 and [personal profile] topaz_eyes . I'd be lost like a blind sled-dog team without you.
Notes: Title comes from Monopoly. I also feel a need to mention that I'm excited because this is the first thing I've written in approximately forever.

He missed her longer than he knew her. )

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Title: Pure Imagination
Song: "Pure Imagination" by Maroon 5...yeah, the Willy Wonka song.
Spoilers: 6.01!
Notes: I heard this song and thought it was the creepiest thing ever...but then I noticed it was on the Obama support CD or something, and I almost started to wonder if it was sarcastic. Anywho, I approached this both sarcastically and seriously (if that makes any sense), and I wound up with something that sort of parallels the emotions experienced by House in the episode. Or at least that's what I tried to do (sorry to sound really pretentious). Finished this in about three days, which is a record for me. Yay. Hope you enjoy it...sorry for the novel-length AN.

As always, I'll gladly take requests. You can leave me a comment HERE and I'll get around to it as soon as me-ly possible.
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Hi all! This comes out as requested by [ profile] deelaundry . I had a great time working on it, nothing too fancy, but I'm okay with how it turned out.

Title: Back to the Old House
Song: "Back to the Old House" by The Smiths
Spoilers: None...unless you count season five...but I don't, so there.

As always, I'll gladly take requests. You can leave me a comment HERE and I'll get around to it as soon as me-ly possible.


Sep. 14th, 2009 06:58 am
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That Kanye West is just a douche bad, isn't he?

Beyonce, though. Damn. Now there's a classy lady.
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Lol, this is me trying to get my head straight. Please to be ignoring. Although if you have a request, feel free to put it in the comments!

Back to the Old House--Smiths
Lie Still Little Bottle-They Might Be Giants
Mr. Blue Sky--Electric Light Orchestra
When the Night Hears My Song--Bedouin Soundclash
In the Hall of the Mountain King

Stuff I Wanna Do
Pure Imagination--Maroon 5
Rest My Chemistry-Interpol
Lately-The Helio Sequence
What I Got--Sublime

Stuff I'm Saving
Take Me Down to the Infirmary--Cracker
It's Still Rock and Roll to Me--Billy Joel

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As some of you may know BECAUSE I REALLY LIKE TO COMPLAIN, I'm having a bit of a tough time writing...anything (but fricken poetry) as of late. Therefore, I'm brutally stealing this meme from [personal profile] topaz_eyes to see if I can get any sort of ideas...because ideas lead to...other things! Yay?

Give me the title of a story I've never written, and feedback telling me what you liked best about it, and I will tell you any of: the first sentence, the last sentence, the thing that made me want to write it, the biggest problem I had while writing it, why it almost never got posted, the scene that hit the cutting room floor but that I wish I'd been able to salvage, or something else that I want readers to know.

Feel free to try any fandom you have reason to think I know, but if I don't at all know the fandom I'll have to say so.

Also, as this year gets more and more stressful, I'm guessing I'll be on lj less and less. But, if you want to keep in contact with me for some odd reason, you can friend me on Facebook.

I'm actually much more fun on Facebook. Not sure why that is, really.


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