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SO. Um. I'm going to a costume party in about a half hour, and I just got a call assigning me to bring scary movies. Welp, I can't really think of any scary movies right now (it's not like I'm majoring in film or anything), so it'd be hugely helpful if whoever's reading this could write down as many reply with as many scary movies as they can think of.

Well okay, to be honest, of course I can think of scary movies, but nothing legitimately scary. How many times can one watch Johnny Depp get eaten by a bed, ya know?
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Hope everyone had a groovy Halloween! I know I did, seeing as I had a fairly awesome costume (I was a in a refridgerator) and I hung out with one wild and crazy cat. That's right, Dr. House went to a party with me. Try and contain your excitement, as the only thing that would've been better is if Wilson went too...but nonetheless we had a great, somewhat dark, brooding, and Vicodin-addicted time. Did I mention my House was Mexican?

Driving to the party. Didn't wear my fridge. Hopefully you can see how that'd be dangerous.

All I did was mention his Vicodin habit...

Dr. House...checkin' out my fridge ass...

A group picture without me...guess I wasn't cool enough. Guess how many times I used that pun. Go on, guess.

Sorry I didn't get more pictures, we were too busy popping tic tacs and bantering I guess. : / But doesn't Eric look awesome from what you can see?!


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