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Jun. 22nd, 2010 06:33 pm
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Paris was...hmm. That is to say that it's beautiful and extremely interesting...but not a place I'll visit again right away. I like to think that people are basically the same everywhere you go, but sometimes it's the little things that make the difference? I dunno, I'm not trying to offend anyone, I just made some assumptions about Paris before I got there:
Assumption #1: Your French doesn't have to be perfect; it's the thought that counts: Not True. I took three years of French, and my comprehension is much better than my pronunciation. I got called an imbecile more times than I could count by cab drivers and hotel desk clerks. And while it might be true, it's not exactly right to call a customer that. I met very few people who spoke any English, which surprised me because it's a huge city. By the time I left my inner monologue was practically in French.
Assumption #2: The deodorant rumor is not true: Not True. I almost passed out whenever I rode the underground...or went inside a crowded building.

Again, it was beautiful and I understood that I was a guest in their city. Just not as hospitable as England or Italy.

ETA that while I'm not "the ugly American," France might hate me because I molest their statues. That I would understand.

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 So London was freaking awesome. I've already been a few times before, which meant that this trip I could skip most of the real touristy stuff and do what I wanted to do. Highlights were seeing Wicked and Avenue Q, going to the Sherlock Holmes museum, and going on a Jack the Ripper walk. I stayed at the St. Giles, which is at an ace location right next to Oxford St. I have a savings account set aside to spend my junior year abroad, and I'm seriously considering spending it in London. The folks were nice and I always felt safe, even in the East End. I went all the way out to Stepney alone and I never felt uncomfortable. Just a really great city. :)

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Got my proofs back today from that ol' senior photo shoot I was talking about a while ago. Thanks to everyone for the great suggestions. Unfortunately, my mom vetoed a few fantastic ideas (Look, I like my dog, and I wanted a picture with him. Sigh) BUT, they still turned out way better than I ever could've hoped for, especially since there's a mirror in my bathroom and I have to see my ugly mug every day.

BTW, I (illegally) scanned them for your viewing horror.

Oh noes. )


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