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Aug. 2nd, 2010 04:08 pm
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 This is a vid I started about 4 months ago. I totally forgot about it, and going back to it, I totally forgot what I was trying to do with it. So I'm scrapping it for now so I can start a new vid (I'm not one of those peeps that can have multiple vids going at a time). 

So enjoy a whopping 1.5 minutes of "Dramamine" by Modest Mouse.

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Title: Rest My Chemistry
Spoiler(s): Up to 6.01 "Broken"
Song: "Rest My Chemistry" by Interpol
Disclaimer: Here is a disclaimer. It's a witty way for me to tell you that I don't own anything. Depressing but necessary. 
Notes: Sorry for not contributing anything for a while.

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Hi all! This comes out as requested by [ profile] deelaundry . I had a great time working on it, nothing too fancy, but I'm okay with how it turned out.

Title: Back to the Old House
Song: "Back to the Old House" by The Smiths
Spoilers: None...unless you count season five...but I don't, so there.

As always, I'll gladly take requests. You can leave me a comment HERE and I'll get around to it as soon as me-ly possible.

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Title: Cure For Pain
Pairing(s): light House/Wilson friendship
Spoiler(s): Nope
Song: "Cure For Pain" by Morphine
Disclaimer: Here is a disclaimer. It's a witty way for me to tell you that I don't own anything...which is kind of a depressing concept actually.
Notes:  For [profile] blackmare_9 , who reminded me that this groovy song existed and made me go, "OMG, I love that song."


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