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Ideas. Where the hell do they come from? Can you make those little fuckers show up?
Wild Horse-bunnies. When a story just gets pulled right out of you. Do you get them?
Writer's block. Have you been scourged?
Clean up duty. Do you like editing?
The ending. Is it hard for you to find the ending?
The beginning. Is is hard for you to find the beginning?
The title. Where do you get yours? Do you have yours when you start the story?
Plot. If you plot out your stories first, raise your hand.
POV. How do you choose your POV for a scene? For a story?
Challenges. Do you like them? Do they inspire you?
Sex. Do you like writing sex?

Ideas. They come from the shower, right? I get them all of the time; there's just very few that are, ya know, good. I'm a bit of an idea perfectionist, which is why my fics tend to spend a long time in my head before (and if) I decide to put them down. In other words, it's much easier to talk myself out of doing something than it is to talk myself into it. But as for where I get them, it's little stuff. Tonight we ate spaghetti with sauce and afterwards, the plates looked like they had served creme of intestine soup. Naturally, I wanted to write the story of a family who actually did that. But I won't. Lol. 
Wild Horse-bunnies. Occasionally. For me it's a lot easier to write about feeling than to write about action, and sometimes I can get 1,000 words off in about an hour. That's where I get pieces like Out There and Whipstitch. I mean, I've never had like a 50,000 word story "write itself," but it's something.
Writer's Block. Hmm, I can't pound out idea after idea, and I'm by no means prolific, but if I have a story started, I have no problems getting to the end, despite not outlining. Any delay is due to lack of motivation. Sometimes I'll know a story so well in my head that I don't really care about writing it down.
Clean Up Duty. I mostly edit as I go, which can take forever, but otherwise I'd be discouraged by my final product. The rest is what I have my f-list for. And I'm not going to lie, after I get past the jitters of "Will Mare, Nightdog, and Perspi like this?" I freaking love editing and adding stuff with them. It feels more like rediscovering than editing, if that makes sense.
The Ending. As Michael Caine would say, "Nevah." The end is (usually) my favorite part to write, and the easiest part for me to write.
The Beginning. Usually pretty easy for me, especially the first sentence. I've always been sort of hyperaware, especially in movies, of the first and last lines, so for me they're kind of the heart of the story (even though physically they're the bookends).  
The Title. Hell. I am no Nightdog, that's for dang sure. I get lucky, occasionally, but most of the time it's like milking hamsters for me.
The Plot. If my story is plot-driven, I outline it in my head if not briefly on paper. I perfect my plots in the shower and right before bed.
POV. It's whoever provides the better window to the reader, whether emotionally or factually. For my regular fiction, I'm a big fan of 1st person. It's easiest. I'm partial to omniscient 3rd as well, because you have a lot of wiggle room. For House fic, it's easier for me to think like Wilson than to think like House, and it's easier to capture the emotionally exclusivity of House when you're being excluded (i.e. not him). I like writing in House's POV, too, it's just harder to make more sensitive observations about him apparent. I'm not quite comfortable enough writing either of them to do first person with any regularity. However, it's a lot easier for me to write them in second, which is sort of weird.
Challenges. I love them, especially if I'm short on ideas. I try really hard, especially in my original fiction to challenge myself by working in genres I'm unfamiliar with or switching up the POV to third limited or second.
Sex. God no. I can barely write kissing. I've done some very G-rate sex scenes in my original fiction because it was necessary to the story, but as far as writing smut or real intimacy for House, I just can't. It's probably because I'm young and haven't had a ton of sex, but it weirds me out to write it and it sort of weirds me out to read it. Although Topaz and Maggie can make me read anything, lol.

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